fargo a muddy road allison tolman 'Fargo' episode 3 morality index: Molly and Gus join forces“Fargo”
executive producer Noah Hawley has said that he’s not sure anyone will
be redeemable by the end of the series, so with that in mind, in lieu of
a blow-by-blow recap each week, we’d like to bring you instead a look
at who’s in need of redemption, who’s trying to get it and who just
doesn’t seem to care.

The “Fargo” morality index, week three:

1. Molly Solverson (last week No. 1) and Gus Grimly (last week No. 2): Molly is firmly on the “frozen guy wearin’ panties” beat now that she’s been taken off the Nygaard case, but the security footage of the victim being dragged out of his office by his necktie by one Lorne Malvo has her thinking everything’s connected because our Molly’s no dummy. She deftly manages to let Lester “accidentally” see that she’s onto Lorne and notices how Lester goes white as a sheet, but she continues to be shut down at work by Bill. Stay strong, Molly! She’s starting to come into her own and live up to what Vern saw in her, plus now she has Gus.

Good ol’ Gus now knows the car Lorne was driving was stolen from Lester and that Lorne is probably connected to the murders in Bemidji. He feels awful and immediately starts trying to make things right by going to Bemidji. The pairing of him and Molly makes our hearts happy, they share several really sweet moments, including when Molly realizes why he let Lorne go at the traffic stop and her questioning of Greta’s boyfriend status at the diner.

3. Don Chumph (last week No. 3): Turns out he’s the one blackmailing Stavros, but we just can’t drop him down the list because Stavros is such a jackhole. Plus, Don just wants to start a Turkish Bath, you guys!

colin-hanks-fargo-a-muddy-road-FX.jpg4. Lester Nygaard (last week No. 6): The guilt at bashing Pearl’s brains in is weighing on our friendly neighborhood insurance salesman, so he tries to get back to work and go on with his life. Brownie points for not hooking up with the widow Hess, but the final frames of him shooting off his brother’s gun makes us a little nervous.

5. Stavros Milos (last week No. 4):
Sure, he hasn’t really done anything yet (that we know about), but he’s so sketchy and such a jerk. We feel like it’s only a matter of time with him, whereas at least with Lester we get the feeling there’s a conscience in there somewhere.

6. Lorne Malvo:
He takes over Don’s blackmail and then starts screwing with Stavros in the most delightful way, replacing his aspirin with Adderall and making blood come out of the shower — except that he kills Stavros’ dog. Not cool, dude. You’re being docked for that.

Dropping off the index this week: Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench, plus Bill Oswalt. The first two are sketchy as all get out, while Bill is still a lazy, stupid chief of police, but none of them really did anything this week.

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