executive producer Noah Hawley has said that he’s not sure anyone will
be redeemable by the end of the series, so with that in mind, in lieu of
a blow-by-blow recap each week, we’d like to bring you instead a look
at who’s in need of redemption, who’s trying to get it and who just
doesn’t seem to care.

The “Fargo” morality index, week four:

1. Molly Solverson (last week No. 1): We aren’t sure our intrepid heroine will ever slip from the top spot. This week she continues to investigate both the frozen guy in panties and the Nygaard house deaths, while still maintaining her upstanding sense of right and wrong. She even tells Bill about the interrogation of Lorne Malvo in Duluth (which he promptly takes her off of because he’s an idiot blowhard). She should have just gone to the interrogation and not said anything, but that’s not the Molly we all know and love.

2. Gus Grimly (last week No. 1): Gus has slipped a spot because this week, in an effort to redeem himself and catch a killer, he jumped the gun a little and ended up looking like an idiot as Lorne Malvo walked free. Oh, Gus. Pull it together, man. Take a cue from Molly, huh?

3. Don Chumph (last week No. 2): We continue to be delighted by Chumph, posing as the heating and water guy for Lorne’s disgusting shower harassment of Stavros. He’s not a good guy, per se, but he hasn’t really done much to get him booted down the list.

4. Lester Nygaard (last week No. 4): Lester holds steady since he gets kidnapped by Numbers and Wrench, only to taser Numbers and get himself arrested for punching a cop in order to be protected from Hess’ henchmen. It doesn’t work for long but points for trying.

5. Bill Oswalt (last week N/A): It would be great if he’d wise up and just let Molly work, but at least this week he showed some initiative and semblance of doing his job in going after Lorne when Gus arrested him.

6. Stavros Milos (last week No. 5): Well, we know where he got his money — he found it buried in the snow on the side of the road. Not nearly as nefarious as we were expecting. But he’s such a gross, smarmy guy that it’ll take some majorly nice actions to get him moving up the list any.

7. Numbers and Wrench (last week N/A): These two knuckleheads are up to their old tricks, kidnapping Lester with the intention of dropping him into a frozen lake. They cleverly stage a bar fight to get arrested, so as to be in jail with Lester, which we liked, but still — their kidnap first, ask questions later approach just isn’t very nice.

8. Lorne Malvo (last week No. 6): Dude. You totally had us, with the crazy harassment of Stavros and the Pastor Petersen schtick. Except you killed a dog for no real reason. Not cool, Lorne. Not cool.

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