executive producer Noah Hawley has said that he’s not sure anyone will
be redeemable by the end of the series, so with that in mind, in lieu of
a blow-by-blow recap each week, we’d like to bring you instead a look
at who’s in need of redemption, who’s trying to get it and who just
doesn’t seem to care.

The “Fargo” morality index, week five:

1. Bill Oswalt (last week No. 5): He probably doesn’t deserve to usurp Molly at the top, but we’re just so gosh darn excited to see him pull his head out of his butt that we’re giving him first place this week. Frankly, when Molly went to him with what she has put together regarding Sam Hess, Lester Nygaard and Lorne Malvo, we really expected him to blow her off as a crazy woman, so kudos to him for realizing she’s smart and following her lead. Yay for Bill.

2. Gus Grimly (last week No. 2)
: When his neighbor tells him the parable about the man who wants to give everything and then tells Gus that he can’t solve all the world’s problems, Gus’ simple reply of, “But you gotta try, doncha?” perfectly sums up our favorite single dad.

3. Molly Solverson (last week No. 1): Our dogged detective is mostly keeping things on the up-and-up, but we’re a little bit nervous about her visiting Lester’s house when he’s in the hospital and also her questioning of him while he’s delirious in the back of an ambulance. Those are the kind of no-nos that a defense attorney is going to eat up. They are her first missteps thus far.

4. Don Chumph (last week No. 3): Don still hasn’t done much to merit dropping him lower on the list, but he also hasn’t done anything to warrant moving him up. Now, if this were the stupidity index, he’d reign supreme this week, after letting Lorne Malvo lock him in the pantry and screw the door shut.

5. Stavros Milos (last week No. 6): He continues to be a windbag, but at least he’s showing some concern for his kid. By paying the blackmailer, Milos thinks he can keep the plagues at bay, which will supposedly end in his first-born son being killed. Milos wants to send his kid far away to keep him safe, which is nice. We always thought his son only annoyed him.

6. Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench (last week No. 7): We can definitely get behind these two torturing Lester for information and then going after Lorne Malvo (especially considering what Lorne does at episode’s end). Carry on, henchmen.

7. Lester Nygaard (last week No. 4): Lester has dropped considerably because not only is he not coming clean with the cops, but he can’t even keep his mouth shut like a proper bad guy. He spills his guts to Numbers and Wrench at the drop of a hat. Plus, he left the shotgun that killed the chief just sitting there all willy-nilly for Lorne to grab. Doofus.

8. Lorne Malvo (last week No. 8): Billy Bob Thornton is so delightful that we’re looking for any excuse to move him up, but it’s looking mighty grim. He killed the chief and a dog, now he’s stalking Gus and threatening Gus’ neighbor and the neighbor’s kids. We’re pretty much rooting for Numbers and Wrench to kill him at this point.

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