executive producer Noah Hawley has said that he’s not sure anyone will
be redeemable by the end of the series, so with that in mind, in lieu of
a blow-by-blow recap each week, we’d like to bring you instead a look
at who’s in need of redemption, who’s trying to get it and who just
doesn’t seem to care.

The “Fargo” morality index, week six:

1. Molly Solverson (last week No. 3): Molly rebounds this week by continuing her top-notch investigative efforts, even as she runs blindly into a fire fight and maybe dies! Not the most disturbing death of the episode, but definitely the most upsetting. We are lighting candles until next week.

2. Gus Grimly (last week No. 2): Of course he wanted to be a postman. Of course he did. Gus could not be any cuter, but in his earnest effort to be a real policeman, he may have just shot and killed Molly. We’re going to hope that she’s OK because that is pretty devastating.

3. Stavros Milos (last week No. 5):
Stavros has been steadily creeping up the index, as Lorne messing with him has driven him deeper and deeper into madness, and he starts to behave more like a human being (go figure). Of course, just as he puts the money that started his grocery store chain back where he found it on the side of the road, a rainstorm of fish causes his father to crash the car with both Stavros’ father and son inside, killing them both. Poor Stavros.

4. Don Chumph (last week No. 4): Award for Most Disturbing Death goes to Don Chumph. He’s been a fun, weird, nice (if doofy) guy this whole season and he definitely did not deserve to go out in a staged suicide-by-cop shooting. That was incredibly tense and upsetting. Well done, show.

5. Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench (last week No. 6):
These two caught up with Lorne Malvo and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t rooting for them to take him out, though obviously it’s a little early in the season for that to really happen. We’ll pour one out for you, Mr. Numbers.

6. Lester Nygaard and Lorne Malvo (last week Nos. 7 and 8, respectively): We can’t decide which is worse, what Lorne did to Don Chumph or what Lester did to his brother. Sure, Don Chumph’s death was very upsetting, but Lester is framing his brother for Pearl’s murder and for good measure, he planted a gun in his 10-year-old nephew’s backpack. WTF, Lester!

The only thing that is more disturbing than animal death is child death and if you’re a theater buff, you know the gun put in the child’s backpack in Act I is going to go off in Act III, so … Good lord, Lester. There really is something wrong with you. You are not the down-on-his-luck schlub we thought you were. You’re a straight-up sociopath.

Falling off the index this week:
Bill Oswalt, but only because he is not in “Buridan’s Ass” at all. We hope to see him next week, perhaps picking up the ball for Molly while she recuperates from her gunshot wound because she’s not dead lalalalala not dead, can’t hear you, lalalalala.

Also, we haven’t seen you in a while on here, Pearl Nygaard, but A+ for those glamour shots that were totally taken at the Mall of America, not that we ever did that when we were 13 or something.

What did you think of episode six?

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