farrah abraham lying sex tape couples therapy vh1 Farrah Abraham caught lying about her 'sex tape' on 'Couples Therapy'Farrah Abraham has maintained that the video of her having sex with porn star James Deen that was released last year was just a “sex tape” mysteriously obtained by a porn distribution company. Anyone with a modicum of common sense can tell that was clearly not the case, and now the thin veneer of her lies are cracking even further.

Abraham was caught mid-lie by one of her “Couples Therapy” castmates. In a clip handily captured by Gawker, you can see Abraham mentioning a camera person filming her and her alleged boyfriend (Deen has said he was paid for the performance, and he’d only met Abraham right before they filmed the tape).

When someone points out “you did literally just say the words ‘camera person,'” Abraham backtracks and circles around the accidental admission. “I can honestly say there was never any other person around us when we had sex,” she says.

Honestly, you have to watch it to believe she’s still trying to keep up the “sex tape” story. Do you think she’s starting to believe her own version of the truth?

Posted by:Jean Bentley