Zap2it: Is it good to be back on TV with “Fashion Star”?
Nicole Richie: I was extremely excited to come back when I signed up for the show. It has been a long time, and you never know what you have signed up for until you step on set. An overall feeling of people wanting to No. 1, have fun, and No. 2, help each other out, and that feeling stayed throughout the entire process.
Zap2it: How do you describe your role on the show?
Nicole Richie: My job is as a mentor. When I took that role on, I first and foremost wanted to let each designer know that we are all going through this process together. To convey the message that being successful in one season does not mean being successful the next season.

I am here to hold their hands and go through the journey with them and encourage them to be themselves and listen to buyers. I understand there is a difference between being an artist and being a businessperson and pushing them to express their individuality as a designer and make that transition from designer to building a brand.

Some of them have had success in their own right, and some are very successful in the cities that they are from, and some had bigger success in department stores, and that hasn’t worked out for them. It is important that once they step into department stores, they stay there.

Zap2it: Do you start by sketching?
Nicole Richie: I start with fabric, actually.

Zap2it: Do you sew?
Nicole Richie: I don’t.

“Fashion Star” airs Tuesday on NBC.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler