pepsi special fat blocking 'Fat blocking' Pepsi Special hits shelves in Japan: Will it come to the US?Drinking soda is bad for you. But what if that soda could prevent your body from absorbing unnecessary fat?

Pepsico has just released “Pepsi Special” in Japan. Apparently, the soda is being marketed as a fat-blocker, because it contains dextrin, an indigestible fiber that promotes weight loss by keeping you “regular.”

“The ‘science’ to this claim is that a non-digestible starch called
dextrin, which is classified as fiber is added to regular Pepsi.
Dietary fiber does help to absorb dietary fat, so technically, this is
true. Despite the flimsy connection, this kind [of] claim is not illegal in
Japan,” Today explains.

Since the health claims made by PepsiCo aren’t verifiable, don’t expect Pepsi Special on U.S. shelves any time soon. The FDA wouldn’t be into it at all.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie