fatbettyfrancis twitter @FatBettyFrancis: January Jones' 'Mad Men' character gets her own Twitter parodyOn Sunday (April 1), January Jones made her Season 2 “Mad Men” debut and quite an impression. To work around the fact that Jones was pregnant at the time, show creator Matthew Weiner wrote Betty’s character as an overweight, unhappy housewife who would rather eat Bugles than attend Junior League events with her new husband Henry Francis.

Now the new Betty has been immortalized with her own Twitter parody account, @FatBettyFrancis and the hashtag #FBF. Predictably, the faux Twitter account full of tweets like this:

“How do you get fried chicken stains out of a blouse? I don’t want to let that grease just sit in the fabric and go to waste.”

“To anyone ‘following’ me, I seemed to have dropped my syrup flask. So if you see it, please return it.”

“What do they call it when you have postpartum depression but with waffles? #FBF”

“I miss Glen… He always had candy. #FBF”

Funny, but Taunter — the parody site behind the account — could stand to step up their game. We still think our own Pop Up ‘Mad Men’ is way funnier.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson