cynthia watros finding carter mtv 'Finding Carter's' Cynthia Watros: 'You have to know how to hold a gun'

Zap2it: “Finding Carter’s” premise is that a 3-year-old was kidnapped from her front yard. As a mom do these stories just chill you to the heart?
Cynthia Watros: Yes, once I had twins myself. They’re almost 13. Before I had children, you can listen to horrible things that happen in the world but you kind of go on. This strikes inside of your heart. It changes you. For example last night I wanted to watch this documentary about the end of life stuff. Maybe I can watch this and on the cover one of the stories showed it’s going to be a child and I can’t do it. I remember watching ‘Titanic’ and the water is rising and she is about to go under, and she says, ‘My son is going to miss me.’ [I thought then], ‘Are you kidding me?’ You are about to die!” And then I have kids, and you can completely get it. And it is about your kids.
Zap2it: Your character is a detective. Did you talk to cops, to learn the proper way to hold a gun, to move?

Cynthia Watros: I have. I have been around cops and with this role you want to look the part and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself on camera. You will get one point of view to do something then the other. You definitely should do your research so you know what you are doing how, to enter a room, how to hold a gun.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler