finding carter kathryn prescott tca interview 'Finding Carter': Kathryn Prescott reveals 'there is hope for Elizabeth and Carter' Carter’s life as she knew it was turned upside down on the series premiere of “Finding Carter.” Her seemingly perfect life was shattered when she found out the mother she loved was actually her kidnapper, and her real family had been searching for her for 13 years after she was abducted at 3 years old. The woman she thought was her mother, Lori, is now on the run and Carter is back with the family she has no memory of as everyone tries to adjust to their new lives together.

Calling their family issues “complicated” would be a huge understatement.

So far, Carter has been able to find some common ground with her twin sister Taylor, her little brother Grant and her father David. But the one person she’s gone out of her way to hurt and annoy and disobey is her biological mother Elizabeth, since she’s the head of the task force that is hunting down Lori. Kathryn Prescott, who plays Carter, tells Zap2it that Carter and Elizabeth’s relationship isn’t going to get better immediately, but there is hope for it to slowly get to a better place in time.

“Elizabeth isn’t helping matters because she’s so cold and doesn’t know how to be with her daughter yet,” Prescott tells Zap2it. “She’s so anxiously attached to her now that she’s back but you can’t blame her for being so cold and distant. She’s had to be that way for the last 13 years. Their relationship takes a while before it can even start to recover but the hospital scene definitely helps. Carter sees that this family actually does love her very much.”

Carter’s recent trip to the emergency room at the end of episode 2 (as the result of taking Molly with her friends) opened her eyes to the fact that her new family truly does care about her.

“I think she’s definitely learned her lesson about getting that crazy again,” Prescott says. “Well, she’s definitely not going to take pills again just as a direct result. But I feel like it’s not the fact that she had a seizure and is in the hospital, but it’s more when Elizabeth came in afterwards and gave her the elephant, and then Grant came in and they had their conversation, and all her real family was standing around, I think that is more what clicked something in her head. This is Carter’s family and they were devastated. There’s still a long way to go with her and Elizabeth since she’s still in denial and rejecting this new family.”

Despite the fact that Carter is doing everything she can to push her new family away, Prescott teases that won’t last long.

“She’s in denial right now because that’s her brain’s way of protecting her from having to deal with all this pain and trauma,” Prescott says. “For a while, Carter’s going to grieve with losing who she sees as her mother first, then she can deal with trying to build a relationship with this new woman who isn’t very warm and isn’t making her want to get to know her. It will take a while but there is hope.”

Prescott is excited for fans to start to see Carter and Elizabeth bond. “One of the big reasons why there is hope for them is that Carter and Elizabeth are a lot more like each other than they’d care to admit,” Prescott says. “That will start to come out more and there are some really beautiful scenes between them. They definitely bond and it’s a very stormy relationship until then. It will get better very slowly.”

It also helps that Elizabeth isn’t going to do anything more to hurt Carter, unlike pretty much everyone else in her life. “Carter will start to get hurt more by these new people around her and she’ll become really unsure about who to trust,” Prescott teases. “That will get even worse as the people around her do more things to hurt her. But Elizabeth doesn’t do that, and Carter senses that she’s being real, so that helps.”

What else did Prescott reveal about what’s coming up on “Finding Carter?”

finding carter david 'Finding Carter': Kathryn Prescott reveals 'there is hope for Elizabeth and Carter'David’s big secret

The fact that David is still writing his follow-up book about Carter’s return, “Finding Carter,” despite the fact that he promised her that he wouldn’t, is going to cause a lot of problems when everyone finally finds out about it.

“It’s like, are you serious?! Really?!” Prescott says of David’s secret. “It’s just another betrayal, which sounds so melodramatic, but it is. Carter doesn’t have any control of her own life or even her memories of her past life. She can’t trust anything, and now David is only adding to that.”

She continues, “When I read that, I was like, ‘Oh, god. This is going to screw her up.’ David was the first person she was starting to trust in that house and he really, really, really messes it up.”

One silver lining from David’s betrayal is that when Carter does find out about it, it will actually help her bond with Elizabeth. 

“I do think that also helps her build a relationship with Elizabeth because Elizabeth and David’s relationship is already rocky and there’s a mistrust there too,” Prescott says. “So Carter and Elizabeth will have that in common. They both don’t really know what David’s deal is and they’ll try to figure him out together. David is one of the characters that you’re going to start to wonder how or even if he can start to redeem himself. It’s really complicated and there are extreme circumstances involved.”

A new love interest

As if Carter’s family drama and boy troubles with Gabe weren’t enough to keep her busy, another love interest is heading her way, a drug dealer named Crash.

“He is an interesting character with a past. But he’s not just the typical bad boy,” Prescott says. “It’s actually going to be shown why he’s like that. He’s lived a life of neglect and nobody has ever cared about him. He’s led a very sad, lonely life and everyone has told him he’s a terrible, awful, useless person and he feels worthless. That’s why he does the stuff that he does.”

She continues, “He’s not just a two-dimensional bad boy, which is what I like about him. Carter sees that in him and she feels abandonment constantly so they recognize that in each other. It ends up being not a wholly good relationship but they find comfort in each other for a while.”

Sloppy seconds?

And as for Carter’s ex-boyfriend/best friend Max, he’s going to be crushing on Carter’s twin sister Taylor. But Prescott reveals that new relationship won’t cause any more issues between the sisters.

“Max and Carter are best friends now,” Prescott says. “They may flirt a bit but that’s all in the past. It’s 100 percent platonic on both sides. And she loves Taylor genuinely, so when Taylor and Max start liking each other, she thinks it’s so perfect. They’re not going to fight over him or anything like that, she’s actually really excited about it.”

“Finding Carter” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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