finding carter tca panel mtv 'Finding Carter': Why Lori abducted Carter and 4 other things to know about MTV's kidnapping drama When the cast and executive producers of “Finding Carter” took to the stage at the 2014 Summer TV Press Tour on Friday (July 11), the one thing on everyone’s minds was finding out just why Lori (Milena Govich) abducted Carter (Kathryn Prescott) 13 years ago.

Unfortunately, executive producer Terri Minsky wasn’t telling. “There’s definitely a backstory. And I won’t answer anything else,” Minsky told the room of reporters.

However, Govich was a little more open about her character’s motivations to kidnap Carter when she was just three years old, forever altering the lives of Carter (a.k.a. Linden) and her biological family who thought they lost her for good until a chance arrest reunited them with Carter 13 years later.

“When I first boarded the project, [EP] Terri and I had an extensive conversation about the who, what, where, when, why and how of Lori abducting Carter,” Govich says. “About 15 minutes into that conversation I was crying. The circumstances under which the abduction occurred are extraordinary. It’s nothing you’ve ever seen before. I don’t know how it’s going to play out, but I have a feeling you’ll be getting bits and pieces as we go through the season, here and there.”

Govich credits the duality of all the characters as to what drew her initially to the show in the first place, and teases that Lori’s motivations are not just black and white. “All of us have a black and white side and a whole lot of grey in the middle,” Govich says. “And you’ll start seeing the shades of grey to Lori as the season goes on.”

So what else did the cast and showrunners reveal about the new MTV drama during the panel?

David’s darker side

In the pilot, it seemed as if Carter’s father David (Alexis Denisof) was bonding with his newly-returned daughter more than her mother, Elizabeth (Cynthia Watros). That will obviously change when Carter finds out that David lied to her and is still writing his second book about her return to their family even though she asked him not to. 

“You’re definitely going to some interesting and surprising things with him as the season unfolds,” Denisof teases about David’s darker side coming out later. 
Carter’s relationships with the females in her life

Prescott was more than happy to talk about how “Finding Carter” passes the Bechdel test with flying colors (the Bechdel test is a way to view works of fiction and asks whether two females can have a relationship revolving around something other than relationships with men).
“What’s great about this show is you see Carter, her two mothers and her sister and it’s very much about her relationships with them,” Prescott says. “Obviously there are boys on the show and she does have relationships with them but it’s not as central to the story as her relationships with the other women are.”
Elizabeth’s hunt for Lori 

Complicating Carter and Elizabeth’s new relationship with each other is the fact that Elizabeth is the head of the police task force that is hunting down Lori. Minsky says that while the focus of the show is not on Elizabeth’s police work, it will factor in to the story later this season. 
“Lori’s still out there, so Elizabeth’s police work will come back into play,” Minsky says. “It’s not a procedural by any means. It’s an emotional journey that involves some police work.”
Carter’s relationship with Lori 

So far, Carter’s loyalties have still been firmly with Lori, the woman who raised her, despite the fact that she now knows Lori abducted her when she was a child. Will her opinion of this criminal change as the season goes on? 
“Carter will start to realize she’s been lied to every day of her life for the past 13 years,” Minsky teases. “So how will she reconcile that?”
“Finding Carter” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum