grant morrison twitter First look: Grant Morrison's 'Wonder Woman: Earth One' and 'Multiversity' comic books

With his run on “Action Comics” completed and and his time with Batman coming to a close, after he killed off Robin, comic book writer Grant Morrison is ready to talk about what’s next. Morrison has not just one, but two new titles he’s launching.

The first is “Wonder Woman: Earth One.” The book features both Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and is part of the “Earth One” graphic novel series. Morrison is writing the comic, while Yanick Paquette is drawing. As “Earth One” titles are released in graphic novel form, rather than s single issues, the new Wonder Woman title clocks in at 120 pages, according to Morrison.
In the artwork shown for “Wonder Woman: Earth One,” Queen Hippolyta kills Hercules, the son of Zeus.
wonder woman earth one dc First look: Grant Morrison's 'Wonder Woman: Earth One' and 'Multiversity' comic books
Morrison’s other project is “Multiversity,” which is a series that will run nine issues, focusing on different characters. The series allows Morrison to explore the various worlds in the DC Universe. One issue centers on the children of Batman, Superman and the like, which Morrison refers to as MTV’s “The Hills” with superheroes. Another finds retired heroes from generations past taking place in battle reenactments.

That’s not to say there aren’t more serious tones, though. One issue deals with what Superman would have been like, had his spaceship landed in Nazi-occupied territory during World War II. “Imagine you’re Superman and for the first 25 of your life you were working for Hitler,” Morrison says, “And then you realize, ‘Oh my god, it’s Hitler!'” Morrison further explains, “Not only is he a Nazi Superman, he’s a Nazi Superman that knows his entire society, though it looks utopian, was built on the bones of the dead. Ultimately it’s wrong and it must be destroyed.” The issue will see the caped hero going up against enemies he knows are right, as he comes to terms with the fact that the principles he was raised with are wrong.
The art released by Morrison and DC for “Multiversity” come from an issues titled “Thunderworld,” which is based around the Captain Marvel character. He likened that issue to a Pixar cartoon, saying it’s accessible to all ages.

multiversity first look dc First look: Grant Morrison's 'Wonder Woman: Earth One' and 'Multiversity' comic books
The series will be book-ended by two issues that will tie everything together. Morrison is excited for “Multiversity,” calling it his “magnum opus.” At this point, there has been no release dates announced for “Wonder Woman: Earth One” or “Multiversty.”
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