wayne coyne Flaming Lips to release six hour song

You know that exhausted feeling you get at the end of a concert? You enjoyed it, but you’re tired and ready to decompress. Or that feeling of elation when “Stairway to Heaven” finally ends? Now imagine that multiplied by about ten or twenty.

The Flaming Lips, crafty veterans of the indie rock scene, are releasing “Found a Star on the Ground,” a six hour song that will benefit the Central Oklahoma Humane Society as well as the Academy of Contemporary Music (at the University of Central Oklahoma). A six hour album would be rather epic, but a six hour song? Yikes.

It gets weirder. The band raised $20,000 not by selling advance copies of the single, but by accepting $100 (minimum) donations from fans with the promise of incorporating their names into the song. Over a four week recording period, the song grew from a manageable 25-minutes into a six hour fiasco.

It gets weirder. The band is making the song available with a “Strobo Trip,” a device being described as as a “multi-sensory…light and audio phase illusions toy.” Alright. Sounds like this device is built for one thing and one thing only.

“I wouldn’t be surprise to hear about some people taking LSD or something while listening to ‘Found a Star on the Ground,’ and playing with the Strobo Trip for hours and hours,” says Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. We thought so. 

It gets weirder. “At this time, we can confirm the rumors of a single 24-hour-long song are indeed insane and absolutely true…the Lips are recording the track this month,” says a Flaming Lips press release.

Please, everybody, for the love of God just hydrate before you tackle that song with your Strobo Trip.

Posted by:janderson