arrow spinoff amazon wonder woman pedowitz tca cw 'Flash' spinoff from 'Arrow,' but no Wonder Woman soon

Is the Flash coming quickly to TV?

“Arrow” is only going into Season 2 this fall, but The CW is already looking into spinoff possibilities. If the network and DC Comics get their way, an implanted spinoff for the Flash comic-book character could appear in an upcoming episode.

The Wonder Woman series, “Amazon,” however, seems to be on the back-burner for now.

The potential “Arrow” spinoff will focus on the “Flash” character from DC Comics. Dr. Barry Allen will appear in one or more episodes of Season 2, giving the origin story for the Flash that way. DC has signed off on the project, making it a strong possibility for an upcoming series.

Could there be more spinoffs? Pedowitz indicated that this could be the case. “We do want to expand on the DC universe. We think they’re very rich characters,” he said.

One character they’re not rushing to bring to The CW? Wonder Woman. Although a Wonder Woman-based series has been in development at the network, there hasn’t been much forward movement to date. When questioned about what was happening there, Pedowitz would only say that development would continue until they got it right.

Barring a big change, that right state may not be coming any time soon.

Posted by:Laurel Brown