jon stewart gay obama Flat lining Defense of Marriage Act spawns 'GayObama,' Jon Stewart's parody Twitter

During a segment on President Obama‘s recent decision to declare the Defense of Marriage Act (which makes only marriage between a man and a woman legal in the U.S.) unconstitutional, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart may have accidentally created our new favorite meme.

“The president’s stand against gay marriage has long frustrated gay Obama followers,” Stewart says during the show. “By which I mean gay Democrats, not followers of ‘GayObama,’ my parody Twitter feed, of which there are zero followers.”

Zero followers during the Feb. 24 broadcast… 7,817 (and growing) the morning after.

So far @GayObama only has six tweets, all made prior to the broadcast, but if the “Daily Show” writers keep it up, we may have follow it ourselves. Here are a few of our favorite nuggets from Gay Barack Obama….

“I’m half-black, half-white, and all SAMANTHA!”

“Just met the first Boehner I didn’t like.”

“Drafting bill to give Cher National Park status.”

And, in case you missed the episode, here’s the full segment in which the Twitter is revealed:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell