kiernan shipka wig heather graham flowers in the attic 'Flowers in the Attic': Which was worse, Heather Graham's acting or Kiernan Shipka's wigs?Look, “Flowers in the Attic” was a Lifetime movie so it probably didn’t have the highest of production budgets. But that’s no excuse for putting such cheap-looking wigs on the most flawless teenage actor around, Kiernan Shipka, who managed to act circles around her TV mother, Heather Graham.

In the movie, Graham’s Corinne slowly transforms from perky suburban mom to cold-blooded torture master, but you couldn’t tell it by watching Graham. She essentially maintained the same level of boring the entire time.
This is a lady who imprisons her products of incest children in an attic then tries to poison them to inherit her father’s fortune, then abandons them for her new young lawyer husband. She couldn’t show a little emotion?

Meanwhile, goddess Kiernan Shipka brought her A game even to a silly movie like this, but even she couldn’t save one thing: the wig situation. When young Cathy had to chop all her hair off, she ended up looking like a Barbie after a toddler got a hold of some safety scissors — which is to say, terrifying. Oof.

But despite these two negatives — and that there wasn’t nearly enough incest or cheesy camp in this Lifetime movie — “Flowers in the Attic” was pretty enjoyable overall.

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Posted by:Jean Bentley