james franco joins twitter getty Follow Friday: James Franco blesses Twitter with his presence

Whether he’s falling asleep in class, creating art installations that confound us, wearing wigs at Sundance, starring in a spine-chilling film that makes you not want to watch and, yet, still you do, then nab an Oscar nom for it, or making the Oscars decidedly more approachable as its next co-host, James Franco fascinates us to no end.
And now we can stalk follow what we hope will soon be the random thoughts, comings and goings (possibly what he ate for dinner?) as Franco has officially joined Twitter. Rejoice, fandom!
Behold Franco’s inaugural tweet:
“Hi everybody, here I am on Twitter! This is my FIRST tweet…”
Engaging. Informative. A tour de force that leaves us wanting more. Did we mention he also tweeted a video to prove the account’s authenticity and further leave the fans swooning? We’ll do you one better than that. 
Watch it below:

What are you waiting for? Follow the man already!
P.S. Here’s his Facebook page!
Posted by:Jethro Nededog