trevor donovan ff getty Follow Friday: Three reasons to follow '90210's' Trevor Donovan on TwitterThere’s nothing like a boring Twitter presence to suck the fun right out of your favorite celebrity. Luckily, Zap2it is vetting the @celebs so you don’t have to get stuck following someone who just tweets things like “working really hard,” “it’s so rough being rich,” and blurry twitpics of their food.

Our very first Follow Friday suggestion is “90210 star Trevor Donovan, who you should really be following even if you’ve never seen the show. Donovan plays Teddy Montgomery, a gay teenager who strongly resembles a fully grown Adonis.and who has been struggling to come out of the closet all season.

Donovan’s Twitter, however, is far less angsty than his West Bev persona. Here are three reasons you should follow @TrevDon.

1. He gives stuff away. There’s nothing worse than a celeb who tweets pics of all the free stuff they get just to taunt you. Donovan signs his swag, tweets pics, and then gives it away to a lucky winner… so long as they can answer a question like “Felipe de Jes�s Calder�n Hinojosa is leader of what

Hey, we never said they were easy questions. Donovan doesn’t only give away stuff like signed backstage passes and wristbands and photos — he also gives away copies of his favorite books, like “The Hunger Games,” because he thinks kids should read more. Can we get an “awwwwwwwww”?

2. He’s surprisingly hilarious. People that good-looking usually aren’t funny, but we may have found the exception. Whether he’s making fun of dumb sports — “Way back in the day when people cussed
& hit the earth with clubs, it was called black magic. In the 21st century,
it’s called golf” — or preparing for a hostage situation — “If you see me drinking a lime flavored
zima malt beverage with a straw….i’m being held against my will & am
trying to signal for help” — he’s totally RT worthy. Even his TwitPics are never boring.

3. Speaking of twitpics… Donovan occasionally retweets pictures of himself in his underwear. It’s not a terrible thing to look at, okay?

Just #FF @TrevDon. You won’t regret it.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie