american idol former contestants jennifer hudson kelly clarkson gi Former 'Idol' contestants might judge next season's 'American Idol'

Could taking a novel approach to the judges’ table be what saves “American Idol” in its ratings descent? According to rumors, that bringing back former stars — like Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson — is being considered by the show and studio for Season 13.

There has been a lot of speculation about the judges for next season on “Idol.” We already know that 12-year judge Randy Jackson is done with the show. There have also been many reports — none of them denied — that Nicki Minaj is swiftly following Randy out the door. And although there has been no word from either Keith Urban (who definitely wants to return) or Mariah Carey (who probably does not) about their “Idol” futures, the rumors indicate an all-new panel is coming next season.

Before this newest report, the names tossed around have been the big ones: FOX executives are considering hiring names like Justin Bieber and Pink, no matter what the cost.

This new reported plan, however, might bring in the fans without breaking the bank. Vulture published an article in which it cited sources who had heard that the former-contestant plan was a distinct possibility. According to these sources, the names mentioned include Clarkson, Hudson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken.

Could anything go wrong with this plan? Oh yes. There are at least three big flaws:

1. People do tune in for the big-name stars. Once the novelty of former contestants wears off, will anyone care?

2. Many former “Idol” contestants have unfortunately slid into obscurity. No one will tune in to see those they have already forgotten.

3. Those “Idol” stars that have made their careers work might not have time for a season of judging. They’re all still working their way up the music ladder — it’s a tough, time-consuming business!

Will “American Idol” go this route? Should they? We will find out soon enough.

Posted by:Laurel Brown