game of thrones beer valar morghulis Fourth 'Game of Thrones' beer, Valar Morghulis, revealedThere’s the Iron Throne, the Take the Black and the Fire & Blood, and now there’s another. Brewery Ommegang and HBO Global Licensing have revealed that the fourth official “Game of Thrones” beer is Valar Morghulis, which was voted by fans in December 2013.

The Valar Morghulis is a Belgian-style dubbel ale. That style of beer was chosen “to capture the sweetness of revenge as well as the dangerous consequences that come with it,” Brewery Ommegang says in a statement.

Fans will appreciate the beer’s nods to the “Game of Thrones” story, as the label art for the beer is the coin Jaqen H’ghar gave Arya Stark in Season 2, and each cork has the words “Valar Doharis” on it — the traditional Braavosi response to “Valar Morghulis.”

The Valar Morghulis ale will be available in fall 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz