nazareth fox jesus bible event series gi FOX developing 'Nazareth' event series on the lost years of Jesus

FOX is developing “Nazareth,” a story about Jesus’ formative years, to air as an event series.

Centering on the mostly unknown period of Jesus’ life between the ages of 13 and 30 (when he was baptized by John the Baptist and subsequently began his ministry), “Nazareth” will tell a story of the man’s formative years, Deadline reports. While there are plenty of theories about what happened at this time, there are no specific clues from the Bible. The content of “Nazareth,” as a result, remains a bit of a mystery.

Bible-based series are popping up all over TV, following the success of History’s “The Bible” miniseries. That first project led to a theatrical offshoot, “Son of God,” and there is a sequel planned from NBC. National Geographic, meanwhile, has a “Killing Jesus” miniseries coming, and WGN America has ordered a 10-part event series, “Ten Commandments.”

Two other projects specifically focused on this era in Jesus’ life have been in development at other networks. Lifetime has “The One,” a TV movie, while History briefly was developing a project that examined Jesus’ life in this time via a theory that he had origins as an exorcist.

“Nazareth” comes from FX Productions, Landscape Entertainment and writer/executive producer David Franzoni (“Gladiator”).

Posted by:Laurel Brown