x factor s1 group FOX: Expect some 'X Factor' tweaks next seasonFOX has professed happiness with the ratings for “The X Factor’s” inaugural season, even if it didn’t reach the lofty goals creator-judge Simon Cowell had for it at the outset.

But still, FOX Entertainment president Kevin Reilly says, viewers can expect to see a few changes to the show next season — possibly including some of the on-screen personnel.

“I will tell you, there are things Simon is going to do,” Reilly said Sunday (Jan. 8) at the TV critics’ winter press tour. “If it did twice the rating, he would still change it. He’s relentless in that way.”

Reilly says he and FOX reality mastermind Mike Darnell haven’t spoken to Cowell yet, so he can’t say what those changes might be. But he acknowledges the criticism of host Steve Jones over the course of the season.

“The only thing I will say is, as we know, it is a much harder job than meets the eye,” Reilly says. “I think everybody now has come to realize the value of a Ryan Seacrest [on ‘American Idol’]. If you dialed the clock back 11 years, I’m not sure everybody in this room would have given him all of the credit at that time. Those are very hard jobs to do.

“So whether Steve’s the guy or not, you know, some of it comes under the heading of growth in general. There will be some tweaks to the show, but I’ll tell you, I’m very happy to have it, and it’s going to be a part of us for a long time.”

Posted by:Rick Porter