fox schedule prediction FOX fall TV 2011 schedule predictions: Will 'Alcatraz' pair with 'Fringe'?Thanks to a several early series pickups and news of a bunch of bubble shows getting canned, FOX has taken most of the guesswork about what will be on its schedule in the fall. The question now is where all the new material is going.

The network added four new series to its roster this week, which doesn’t sound like a lot. But keep in mind that FOX will also have one other new drama, “Terra Nova,” on its air this fall, in addition to “The X Factor,” which is likely to take up at least two hours of airtime each week. With all that, new shows on FOX in the coming season will be almost as plentiful as returnees.

Here’s how we see it fitting together (new shows in italics, all times Eastern/Pacific). Check out Zap2it‘s predictions for ABC and CBS as well.


8:00 “Terra Nova”
9:00 “House”

We’re taking a bit of a shot in the dark here that FOX will move “House” out of the 8 o’clock hour. But the network has been touting “Terra Nova” as a family-oriented adventure, so it could put its money where its mouth is and schedule it in the more kid-friendly hour.


8:00 “Glee”
9:00 “The New Girl”
9:30 “Raising Hope”

“Raising Hope” moves back a half-hour to give “The New Girl,” starring Zooey Deschanel, the benefit of “Glee’s” stronger lead-in.


8:00 “The X Factor”
9:30 (eventually) “I Hate My Teenage Daughter”

We’re assuming “The X Factor” will run two-hour episodes in the early part of its season, then cut back to 90 minutes. If that’s the case, expect “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” to debut sometime in October.


8:00 “The X Factor”
9:00 “Bones” AND/OR “The Finder”

We’re also assuming FOX will schedule “The X Factor” the same way it does “American Idol” in the second half of the season. There’s been talk about “The Finder” sharing a timeslot with its parent show “Bones” when Emily Deschanel goes on maternity leave.


8:00 “Fringe”
9:00 “Alcatraz”

Given FOX’s struggles on Fridays for, oh, the last decade or so, this isn’t necessarily the kindest thing to do to a new series like “Alcatraz.” But unless the network decides to hold the show for midseason (in which case we’d expect something like this spring’s “Kitchen Nightmares”-“Fringe” schedule), we don’t really see another spot for it. One other option would be the 9 p.m. Thursday spot, with “Bones”/”The Finder” on Friday.


8:00 “Cops”
9:00 “America’s Most Wanted”

No changes.


7:00 NFL overruns/repeats
7:30 “Bob’s Burgers”
8:00 “The Simpsons”
8:30 “The Cleveland Show”
9:00 “Family Guy”
9:30 “American Dad”

The only change we can see here is having all five animated comedies in the mix, with “Bob’s Burgers” moving to an earlier spot. FOX has two more animated shows, “Allen Gregory” and “Napoleon Dynamite,” in the pipeline but hasn’t given any indication as to when they’ll premiere.

Other contenders: The Kiefer Sutherland drama “Touch” won’t film its pilot until June, but the script has a lot of fans and it’s seen as a near-lock for midseason. “Exit Strategy,” a thriller starring Ethan Hawke, is also a possibility.

How do you think FOX’s schedule will shake out?

Posted by:Rick Porter