rob thomas pilot FOX nabs Rob Thomas pilot, we pitch 6 'Veronica Mars' and 'Party Down' alums to cast in it

FOX has given a pilot order to the Rob Thomas single-camera comedy, “Little in Common.”

Deadline reports that the “Veronica Mars” creator and “Party Down” co-creator earned the network’s second comedy acquisition of the season.

A slight deviation for previous Thomas projects, “Common” follows three families who know each other via their children little league sports — making it sound just different enough from the current barrage of couples-based sitcoms.

Work is no doubt well under way to cast the pilot, so how about we do a quick rundown of unemployed and underemployed actors and actress who have a relationship with Thomas that might find a place here:

Kristen Bell
Clearly! The Thomas muse will jump at any chance to work with her former boss. (Other than four anonymous message board commenters, she’s the only person still actively campaigning for a “Veronica Mars” movie.) She’s a tad young to play a mom, yes, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

Ken Marino
An often unsung hero of comedy, Marino is the ideal sports dad. Just look at his performance as McLovin’s obnoxious, disapproving step-father in “Role Models.” And if you’re worried about any conflict with “Children’s Hospital,” we’re pretty sure it’s not much of a time-suck.

Jason Dohring
This one comes equipped with a cult following. Plus: who wouldn’t want to see an on-screen reunion between Logan and Veronica?

Martin Starr
Forgive us for playing into stereotypes, but Starr would be a fantastic foil to all of the playground competition. A cerebral, younger Woody Allen-type, he could play the dad who doesn’t get wrapped up in all of the little league business.

Michael Muhney
What’s that — he has a job on a soap opera? Oh, then we’re sure he’s not interested in returning to prime time… Muhney holds the distinction of making one of the least-redeeming TV characters ever somewhat lovable with his accidentally funny portrayal of Sheriff Lamb on “Veronica Mars.” He’s at the top of our list.

Tina Majorino
As versatile of an actress as you could ask for, Majorino would be the perfect overprotective mother, running onto fields and biting her nails from the bleachers. A May/December match for Mr. Marino? Sold.

Clearly, the options are nearly limitless. Any friends of Thomas you’d like to be considered for “Little in Common?”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell