kirsten powers abortion wendy davis Fox News' Kirsten Powers launches Twitter war over Wendy Davis and abortion rights

Though many applauded Texas Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis for her filibustering of an anti-abortion bill, Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers took to Twitter to argue against Davis’ stance.

Powers has never been a reporter who is afraid to speak her mind, and she made her opinion on late-term abortions very obvious in a several-hours-long Twitter conversation. Choice examples of Powers’ tweets include:

— “pls explain to me how ending the life of a healthy 20+ week old baby is “fighting for human rights”

— “If an abortion clinic can’t find a doctor with admitting privileges to a hospital then it should be shut down”

— “someone dies in every single abortion. do you realize that? which means shld they survive, a dr. shld be able to admit them”

— “I doubt all the healthy 20+ week old baby girls being aborted feel very protected by Wendy Davis.”

— “So I assume that when 5 mo pregnant women talk about their ‘baby’ you express outrage & demand they call it a fetus?”

Powers makes sure to clarify that “what i’ve been debating is late term abortion. this isn’t about all abortion.” Her battle with various others on Twitter lasted for three hours with no resolution. She finally said her farewells to those she was arguing with by tweeting, “you keep misstating my positions on pretty much everything so i think i’m going to go do something else now.”

Several hours later, Powers came back on Twitter to state, “it’s commonly known that fetuses are human and alive.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz