grease-cast-FOX-naya-rivera-katie-stevens-zooey-deschanel.jpgFollowing in the footsteps of the success of NBC’s live “Sound of Music” last December, it was announced Monday (April 28) that FOX is putting on a live three-hour production of “Grease” in 2015. Naturally, we have some casting choices all picked out.

Now, the stage musical and the movie version of “Grease” are two different things. FOX said in its announcement that the live version will incorporate aspects of both versions. Will it include songs like “It’s Raining on Prom Night,” “Those Magic Changes” and “Freddy, My Love”, which are in the stage show and not the movie (as solos, anyway)? Will the TV version be the G-rated stage show that has been designed for school productions, which cuts Rizzo’s pregnancy and “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” altogether?

We do not know, but we’re basing our casting choices mostly by the movie version since that is what most people are familiar with. We also do not know if the cast will consist entirely of “Glee” and “American Idol” actors/alums, but it’s very possible and our choices reflect that. So, with no further ado, our “Grease” dream cast.

Danny: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
He’s a bona fide song-and-dance man with stage experience. John Travolta set a high bar in 1978 and we think JGL could easily reach it. We’re already salivating at the idea of watching him strut and step his way through “Greased Lightning.” Would he actually do it? We have no idea. But it’d be amazing.

Sandy: Katie Stevens

This little ball of sunshine (above, middle) would make an excellent Sandy. She’s an “American Idol” alum who is now polishing up her acting chops on MTV’s “Faking It,” the pilot of which was very funny. No, she’s not blonde, but that’s not a Sandy requirement just because Olivia Newton-John was.

Kenickie: Cody Simpson
This cute Aussie (above, right) is a decent singer and has been showing off his dancing skills on “Dancing With the Stars” this season.

Rizzo: Naya Rivera
She’s got the voice and the attitude to pull off one of the most interesting characters in “Grease.”

Frenchy: Zooey Deschanel

Sure, she’s a little old to be playing a high schooler, but she’s in the FOX family because of “New Girl” and she can sing. We’d love to see her bopping around, sporting some Easter egg-pink hair and piercing Sandy’s ears.

Marty: Dianna Agron
In the stage version, she gets a solo number (“Freddy, My Love”) and Agron’s sultry rasp is perfect for the boy-crazy Marty, especially as she gets all flirty-flirty with …

Vince Fontaine: John Stamos
He’s a dreamboat, plus he has already demonstrated his willingness to join in the singing and dancing fun on “Glee” when he guest-starred.

Jan: Malaya Watson
This little “American Idol” firecracker would make a great Jan. She’s even got braces! “Brush-a brush-a brush-a, get the new Ipana, with the brand-new flavor, it’s dandy for your teeth!”

The other T-Birds: Chord Overstreet (Sonny), Sam Woolf (Putzie) and Corbin Bleu (Doody)

They’re dreamy, talented and just dorky enough to pull off the T-Bird shenanigans, like mooning the TV during the dance competition.

Patty Simcox: Lea Michele
Right? C’mon.

Cha-Cha DiGregorio: Heather Morris

She’s an outstanding dancer and would bring a wonderful humor to the role. 

Teen Angel: Matthew Morrison
He’s got Frankie Avalon written all over him.

Johnny Casino & The Gamblers: Adam Levine and Maroon 5

Now, how awesome would it be if they had a live band for the dance competition? Levine would make a great throwback frontman.

The pie-in-the-sky adult roles: If they’re up for it, we would love to see John Travolta as Coach Calhoun, Olivia Newton-John and Didi Conn as Principal McGee and Blanche, and Stockard Channing as Mrs. Murdock. Would they do it? Probably not, but it’d be pretty incredible if the production could get a few of the originals to drop by.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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