the walking dead frank darabont jon bernthal Frank Darabont won't watch 'The Walking Dead,' but Jon Bernthal still does

Frank Darabont still has some pretty hard feelings about “The Walking Dead.” With his new series, TNT’s “Mob City,” slated to premiere on Dec. 4, some of the bad blood between him and his former series is being dredged up.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly if he still watches “The Walking Dead,” Darabont answers, “No more than I would go to the wedding of somebody who broke my heart and left me for the Pilates instructor. One does become very emotionally attached to the things that one does. I get tremendously invested. Why would I do that? Absolutely not, I won’t.”

Darabont was pushed out of “The Walking Dead” during its second season, and it wasn’t on the best of terms. The series is now in Season 4, and has been greenlit for both a fifth season and a spinoff companion show.

But Darabont’s “Mob City” star and former “The Walking Dead” cast member Jon Bernthal doesn’t the same reservations as him. Though he was killed off in Season 2, Bernthal admits, “Sure, I’ll always watch ‘The Walking Dead.’ I mean as far as I’m concerned, the people that are on the ground that make that show, the people in Georgia who make that show, the cast and the crew and the producers that are there, they will always be family to me and I will always support them.”

“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays on AMC at 9 p.m.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz