It’s not just the “Saved by the Bell” cast that’s been turned off by Dustin Diamond’s description of their time on the show. While promoting “Franklin & Bash” on HuffPost Live, Mark Paul Gosselaar’s new co-star Breckin Meyer also has some choice words to say about the Screech actor. 
“That guy is such a d**k. I need to say it,” blurts Meyer after little prompting. “I don’t know Dustin at all, but…The Dustin Diamond thing is just so silly. It’s just so negative and it always bums me out.”
Gosselaar remains pretty diplomatic throughout the interview after being asked if he’s heard about the new Lifetime “Saved by the Bell” movie based on Diamond’s book. Gosselaar explains that all of Diamond’s stories about the show seemed negative and Gosselaar only remembers positive memories from the experience. 
“When people say, ‘Oh you don’t like talking about it,’ it’s like no, I don’t mind talking about it, I just don’t really remember that time and also everything I do remember was extremely positive. I still have friendships from it,” Gosselaar explains. 
Meyer continues in a less politically correct fashion, “I think it’s bulls**t. I think he’s so full of s**t, like that sex tape.” He goes on to make an amazing (though slightly traumatizing) Mr. Belding pun about the alleged size of Diamond’s private parts as everyone laughs. 
After all these years it seems that everyone else is still getting more joy out of “Saved by the Bell” than Dustin Diamond. Shame. 
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Posted by:Megan Vick