The 1998 movie “54” is probably remembered as much for what got left out of its theatrical version as for what’s actually on screen. The most notorious of those cuts — a kiss between Ryan Phillippe‘s and Breckin Meyer‘s characters — has surfaced online.

The scene, part of a work print of the film (hence the poor video quality), was posted on YouTube in July but has picked up a lot more notice in the past couple of days thanks to a post on My New Plaid Pants. The scene shows their characters having an emotional conversation in the basement of Studio 54. Shane (Phillippe) leans over and kisses Greg (Meyer, now starring on TNT’s “Franklin & Bash”), who rebuffs him.

The scene was one of many excised from the film’s original cut after it fared poorly with test audiences. By some accounts, as much as 45 minutes of footage was dumped, some of it replaced by reshoots done a couple months before its release in August 1998. Just about all references to Shane being bisexual were removed from the theatrical release. (The DVD release restored some of the cuts, but not the kiss scene. Director Mark Christopher showed his cut at a film festival in 2008.)

Fifteen years later, it’s hard to see what the big deal is. But it’s an interesting little curio from that time.

Posted by:Rick Porter