breckin meyer red carpet nc 325 'Franklin & Bash's' Breckin Meyer picks 'Star Wars' over 'Star Trek': 'I'm a George Lucas guy'

Zap2it: On TBS, you’re the creator of the comedy “Men at Work,” while on TNT, you’re one of the stars of “Franklin & Bash,” premiering this week. You’ve said “Men” is based on yours and your friends’ experiences, so have you borrowed anything from your “F&B” co-star, Mark-Paul Gosselaar?
Breckin Meyer: No, I haven’t taken anything from Mark-Paul. This is all based on my life kind of right before that.
Zap2it: Won’t he feel snubbed and not invite you over?
Breckin Meyer: That’s all right. I see him at work. Mark-Paul’s not in it yet. I haven’t stolen from him. I’ve stolen from Seth Green.

Zap2it: Since you work with Green on “Robot Chicken,” can you tell us what he’s like at home?
Breckin Meyer: I was with him last night. He’s lovely. There are a lot of action figures sitting around that house, but they’re the best action figures. You can play with everything. It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. You can lick a snozzberry, and it tastes like snozzberry. That’s why, as I was leaving my house today, I realized I have an MC Hammer doll right next to a David Hasselhoff doll. That was my confusion.

Zap2it: As a geek, how do you come down on the “Star Wars” vs.“Star Trek” question?
Breckin Meyer: Oh, “Star Wars.” I’ve never seen an episode of “Star Trek” in my life. I’ve seen the movies. “Star Wars,” come on. I’m a George Lucas guy. Seth and I have a lot of arguments about “Star Wars.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare