matt lauria luke fnl 'Friday Night Lights': Matt Lauria on Luke's future with Becky, friendship with Vince

Confession: We here at Zap2it love, and we mean love, “Friday Night Lights” and the perfection that is Luke Cafferty (Matt Lauria). We’ve been No. 44’s honorary rally girls ever since he cried and apologized to Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) on the football field (in the rain!) last season after lying about his address to stay a Dillon Panther (you know the scene). He sealed the deal this season when he traded his beloved pig, Mirabelle, for his girl, Becky (Madison Burge). “I traded my pig for you” is the new “I love you.”

When we spoke to Lauria, we naturally had to ask about Mirabelle’s future (while we know Tinker [“Cougar Town’s” Lamarcus Tinker] loves her, we also know he loves bacon).

“I think that he will love her and care for her as long as her pig-ly life will allow,” he says with a laugh. “You know what I think he’ll do? He’ll try and get a friend for her.”

And what about Luke’s future with Becky?

“I think the Luke/Becky story, it became the most important thing for
me for my character and sort of looking at that and trying to make
sense of it, trying to deal with it and trying to do service to it,” he says. “The
way I played Luke this season, she was the most important thing. After
everything that we went through, that’s sort of
where Luke becomes a man. He, for whatever reason, decides he’s just
going to commit himself to trying to do the right thing by this gal
even though he’s got a future at stake or football at stake or whatever
it is. Once he forged that bloodline with
her she’s like numero uno. “

Lauria is obviously referring to Becky becoming pregnant and getting an abortion last season. While that storyline (which provided major conflict with Luke’s parents) won’t play an obvious part in the couple’s journey throughout the rest of the final season, Lauria says he and Burge communicate it non-verbally: “The way that Madison and I play them, I know that we never let it go.
It’s one of those things where I think it’s implicit in any glance that
Luke takes at her or any words or interactions, anything at all, it’s
loaded up in there and just screaming at him and screaming at her. I
don’t know that we ever really brought it up again because we both knew
that we didn’t need to talk about it, it was both there. I think it’s
fair to say that we’re both dealing with it in every scene that we ever
have all the way through the fifth season.”

Fans can expect to see more of Vince (Michael B. Jordan) and Luke’s friendship (our favorite TV bromance!), which will be tested when they both are courted by TMU, unbeknownst to Luke. “All I got to say is that Luke better not freakin’ find out about it. I’m not gonna say anything other than there could be a little bit of beef,” he says. “I think there’s a pretty tight bond that’s been forged between those guys. I think that’s what makes any kind of argument that much more significant because we are really tight.”

Just to tease us, he adds, “That’s the last thing. The final story is that he goes to school with me and we roommate and then we settle down and the ladies babysit.” Best series finale ever? We think so.

Wednesday’s (Dec. 1) episode ” Kingdom,” is one of the series’ most fun episodes with the Lions playing an away game against the team they forfeited to in their first game last season. “When we shot it there was a lot more about this big rivalry and how these are the guys that stomped us and sort of the comeback that are heading their way,” he explains. “As they edited it out and stuff, it became this really sweet tale of relationships and the boys being boys with the boys. It became sentimental, but not in a cheesy way.”

“Boys being boys with the boys” would include Luke, Vince, Tinker, Hastings (Grey Damon), and Buddy Jr. (Jeff Rosick) sneaking off, getting drunk at a party, bonding over a campfire, a pact, and maybe some tears. “That was so fun. That scene was basically all of us hooting and hollering and acting like a bunch of idiots for about an hour straight and then what you got was that three-minute thing.”

So were the boys actually drinking the scene? “I hate to ruin it, but it was actually water. It was supposed to be Moonshine, which is a part of this that was cut out. A whole part of that scene is that we go in there and we meet the guy Ernie, this Native American dude, and he makes us cough up like five or ten bucks each and scoops this mysteriously liquid out of these crazy pipes and tubes that he’s been cooking by his RV.” We pray to the “FNL” gods that this deleted scenes makes the season 5 DVDs.

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