kyle chandler friday night lights 320 'Friday Night Lights' recap: ThanksgivingThe last episode of “Friday Night Lights” Season Four brings us limping toward the goalposts just like Luke Cafferty. I’d say that after the highs of “Son” and my personal favorite “Stay,” the season has kind of wandered. What’s with Jess’ mom? We don’t know. What’s so dramatic in Jess’ and Vince’s past? We don’t know. Why is Tim Riggins acting like he lives in a Faith Hill song? Why won’t Becky just go away? WE DON’T KNOW. But maybe I’m feeling vulnerable and testy because the heart of our family, Tami and Eric, have gotten so beaten down in these last few episodes.
In any case, the season ends on the big game between the Lions and the Panthers. They’re calling it the Big Cat Clash, and the whole town is ready to skip work and close down shops to watch. The game takes place at West Dillon’s Hermann Field since East Dillon’s field is still destroyed from the privileged Panthers’ jerk decision to take their trucks joy riding all over it. But as hard as they tried to make the field uneven, the Panthers can’t hold the Lions back. Vince plays the best game of his life, Coach lets the injured Luke onto the field for a few gorgeous plays before the kid is led off the field limping again, and the game comes down to a final 47 yard field goal. Landry choked on his first extra point attempt, and Coach had shied away from using the kicker since, but Eric sends him out there with nothing but confidence that he can get it done, and SURPRISE he does. Lions win!!! It sure is nice to see Coach Taylor smile and shrug off those pounds of weight he’s been carrying on his shoulders all season.Tami wins her own kind of game, as she decides at the last minute that she will NOT apologize for counseling the scared and pregnant Becky. What was meant to be her public apology turns into her simply stating that she always always keeps the interests and welfare of her kids at the forefront. The Board — because school boards apparently run on kindergarten playground ethics of “say you’re sorry even if you’re not” — votes to put her on administrative leave. Tami’s lawyer assures her that this is the first step in her firing, and advises her to sue. But Tami just wants to do the right thing; and what she feels is the right thing right now is for her to step down as principal and be given the job of heading the counseling program at East Dillon. Okay, sure! I wonder what the person who currently has that job thinks of that? (I’m assuming they’ll “explain” to us that the position was open sometime at the beginning of next season).Tim and Billy are in hot water for their little podunk chop shop operation. Their lawyer thinks he can get them a deal where they’ll serve 1-5 years. And just in case you were wondering whether or not they could possibly be serious with this Tim Riggins martyr storyline, they have Tim decide to take the fall for his screw-up new father brother, and film him walking slowly into jail and punishment, hair flowing behind him like he’s Jesus of Nazareth. Sigh.Matt comes back for Thanksgiving, without giving Julie any fair warning. Surprise a minute, this kid. She’s upset to see him, but finally comes around, and they have a warm farewell while sitting at the lakeside where he “deflowered” (Julie’s words!) her. Matt has bought Julie a ticket to visit him in Chicago, but she tells him she can’t come up. She thinks if she does, she’ll fall in love with the city and follow him there, and never follow her own dreams. Matt realizes that she’s breaking up with him, in a less ambivalent way than he did when he left. They’re obviously on good terms, and we can all fantasize about how, seven years from now, they’ll reconnect and get maaaaried.

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