james van der beek kevin connolly friends with better lives pros and cons 'Friends With Better Lives' Kevin Connolly: 'James Van Der Beek is hungry to get back in'Zap2it: What’s the biggest difference in coming back to series work with “Friends With Better Lives”?
Kevin Connolly: As a young actor — and I’ve been doing this since I was 6 years old — you fall into a certain category. It’s like, “OK, you’re the kid.” Then you’re somebody’s kid in school, then you’re in junior high and high school. Then you’re out of high school and into college, and you fall into that age range where you’re too young to be an adult but kind of old for other things.
As an actor at that age, you fall into a weird spot, and this is my first true adult role. “E” (on “Entourage”) is an adult, but he doesn’t live like one or act like one. With this, to get to be a husband with a home and a normal job is a great transition for me, because I’ve been trying to cross over into that world.
Zap2it: How was it to launch this show by working with sitcom-directing king James Burrows on the premiere?
Kevin Connolly: Everybody has his or her own process of approaching a project, and for me, it’s pedigree. James Burrows is the Martin Scorsese of television; I mean, this guy walks into a room, and everybody stops what they’re doing. He’s that good.
You have (creator and executive producer) Dana Klein, and — with no disrespect to any other network — CBS has conquered the multicamera format. And I’ve known James (Van Der Beek, another star of the series) previously to be a very, very hard worker, and he’s hungry to get back in and work his butt off.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin