fringe bolivia bloodlines 'Fringe': After 'Bloodlines,' it is happening...It’s time to party, “Fringe” fans — not only is it Friday, but our favorite show was picked up this week for a full 22-episode fourth season.

Tonight’s shocking (and crazy good) episode, “Bloodline,” might harsh your buzz a little – but in a good way. We find Fauxlivia distraught by the high likelihood of a pregnancy complication called VPE — which took both her sister and her baby during labor.

When she’s kidnapped and her pregnancy is accelerated, she fears that both she and her unborn child are in mortal danger.

Of course, this is of even greater concern to Walternate, as he’s thrilled to learn that Fauxlivia is carrying his grandchild. We loved the chance to see Lincoln and Charlie in action again, as well as alterna-Astrid — Jasika Nicole remains one of the most underrated players on television.

The team’s concern for Fauxlivia is great, but it’s her own actions that are ultimately kick-ass. We spent a large part of this season hating Fauxlivia, but we’ve come a long way. Her pregnancy and her family history have gone a long way toward making her a sympathetic character. She’s even sort of likable at this point.

Not to mention, we positively adore Seth Gabel as Lincoln in a particularly heart-wrenching scene, so if more “over there” time brings us more Lincoln, we’re all for it. Some secrets surface for Lincoln and Charlie in this episode, and we’re pretty sure they’re not going to settle for only knowing part of the story.

Another ace part of this episode? Andre Royo returning as Henry Higgins, cabbie who helped our Olivia when she first arrived “over there.” We’d been hoping to see it again.

We can’t wait to chat with you guys about this episode — particularly those final moments. What’d you think? Weigh in below in the comments section.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie