fringe boy must live 511 peter walter 320 'Fringe' clip: Walter remembers everything about Peter's pastWe are officially not ready to say goodbye to “Fringe.” The final episode before the two-hour premiere will air on Friday, Jan. 11, titled “The Boy Must Live.” In addition to being a truly powerful love letter to longtime fans — including a nod to the Comic-Con 2012 white tulip tribute — it returns the series to its roots, thematically focusing on the bond between a father and son in several different ways.

Within the first three minutes of the episode, we’ll learn that Walter (John Noble) remembers everything that Peter (Joshua Jackson) remembers — and more importantly, that the audience remembered. After a new timeline was created in Season 4, this version of Walter couldn’t remember his time with Peter from the early seasons. Thanks to a little mind-meddling from Michael, the child Observer, Walter has his memories back.

“I remember when you came to me at St. Claire’s. My first words, ‘I thought you’d be fatter.’ And I remember the night I was up late, making a peanut butter sandwich. You slipped, and called me ‘Dad.'”

Watch the extremely touching exchange below.

On another note, it looks like we also no longer have to worry about Walter going back to being the great, but extremely dangerous, man that he once was. Along with his memories of bonding with Peter, Michael helped make Walter’s priorities clear.

Tune in Friday at 9 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie