In last week’s episode of “Fringe,” we learned that Walter (John Noble) plans to sacrifice his own life — and possibly his very existence — in order to reset time and save the world, and his family, from the Observer rule. This week, the two-hour finale will reveal whether or not he goes through with the plan.

As painful as it would be to say goodbye to the incredibly memorable character, who has grown profoundly and left an indelible mark, it seems appropriate, somehow. As Walter says in the two-minute trailer for the finale event, he has stolen time and cheated fate. His selfishness when his son died is what, essentially, broke the world; it seems natural that an act of selflessness could help to heal it.

The trailer itself is a tearjerker, taking us back to the pilot and through the epic journey that Walter, Peter (Joshua Jackson), and Olivia (Anna Torv) have shared. It teases one last return to the Other Side, the alternate universe that we thought we’d closed the door on last season, thanks to what appears to be a hefty dose of Cortexiphan. We’re particularly moved by the clip of Astrid (Jasika Nicole) in an emotional exchange with Walter; she’s been criminally underused this season and we’re glad to see her get her due.

“Do you have the will to change destiny? Do you have the strength to save humanity? Do you have the courage to sacrifice everything?” Walter asks.

We’re pretty sure they do.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie