henry ian cusick fringe episode 19 letters of transit 'Fringe': 'Letters of Transit' keeps the episode 19 tradition alive    We want to know what you thought!This is huge. The things that happen in “Fringe” episode 19, “Letters of Transit,” will blow your mind. Not that it hasn’t already been blown open by episode 19 in every season, but something is revealed in this one that is going to change everything.

There was an audible gasp in the room in the last five minutes. The thing is, the reveal isn’t even the best thing about the episode. Henry Ian Cusick (what did he do to our fair lady?) and Georgina Haig kept us riveted to the screen. They couldn’t have cast it better, if you know what we mean.

The setting is 2036. The Observers have taken over. Those loyal to them are called “loyalists” and tattooed on the face. Other humans are the “natives.” The feel is post-apocalyptic and actually a little “Hunger Games.” It’s a police state, and the Fringe division is working for the Observers — or are they?

Some of our group have survived. Some have been encased in amber. What do you think about who ended up staying in it? Who is Nina (Blair Brown) working for? Do we now have proof that Phillip (Lance Reddick) is a shapeshifter? And that reveal! Haig looks so much like her! Start talking below and let us know what you thought!

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