fringe lance reddick anna torv 320x180 'Fringe' recap: Vision QuestNow that the Fringe universes are working together to bring down the nefarious David Robert Jones, let’s … bring things to a screeching halt with a Monster of the Week episode! I mean, it’s not bad, as they go, but I was kind of expecting a kick-ass team-up, and not MOTW, especially not one that seemed to pointlessly hearken back to a Season 1 episode.

Instead, we get a tiny teenage girl who has random visions of people’s deaths. Her father, played by Hey! It’s That Guy! Currie Graham, who I know mainly from a stint on NYPD Blue but has popped up on countless shows in the past decade, sees black-suit government agents around every corner and wants to protect his daughter from becoming the object of scorn and curiosity that someone with her ability inevitably becomes.

It’s no surprise that Olivia takes particular interest, both because the girl was the focus of an unsuccessful attempt for study by Massive Dynamic, and because she wonders if the girl might be able to shed some light on the dire warning given her by the Observer. No luck there, but she learns a little more about the Observers from Peter, who of course is familiar with them in a way that the people in this timeline of our universe aren’t yet. Of course, she’s not reassured by his saying that the Observers know what they’re talking about, future-wise (although he says this not knowing that September told Olivia she had to die).

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