josh jackson fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: What's the Frequency, Peter?Nina Sharp tracks down William Bell’s copy of The First People for Olivia, but rather than figure out what’s up with the books on this week’s “Fringe,” the two of them have a heart-to-heart over Olivia’s obsession with Peter and Fauxlivia, as she continues to probe how over it she is by yakking about it every chance she gets.

Meanwhile, over at good ol’ Intrepus (I’m not going to write INtREPUS), a scientist is killed with a freaky powder-spitting voodoo doll that appears to disintegrate his bones. The team tracks the powder to a former marine, where Olivia has another soul-baring chat with Peter about his relationship with Fauxlivia. The crime-scene-wounded-heart talk is fast becoming an Olivia Dunham trademark, isn’t it? The marine almost gets away, because in a house full of FBI agents, only Peter is chasing the guy, so luckily the ex-marine gets hit by a car.

He’s out of commission, but the Fringe gang learns that he and his wife lost their baby to a bone disease that was due to the marine’s exposure in a wartime weapons project run by the dead scientist. The Fringe team tracks down yet another Cortexiphan kid with special powers (this one can read minds) to help them track down the other soldiers in the unit before more people die, but not before some suits at a defense contractor meet the same fate.

The Fringe folks discover that a congressman who used to be a general is the last target, so they bring the mind-reader to a cocktail fundraiser to find them, and then I’m not sure what happened, because Olivia had on a dress and was wearing lipstick and I believe I passed out. I think it worked out in the end, because all the good guys were still alive.

And just when Olivia thinks things are going to be OK with her and Peter, she finds out, thanks to the mind-reader, that Peter still has feelings for Fauxlivia.

That may be more than just Olivia’s problem; Nina has determined that everyone’s favorite bowling-alley manager, Sam Weiss, has written all the First People books, so she wants some questions answered. He tells her that the doomsday device will spare the universe of whichever Olivia that Peter winds up. So Olivia should keep wearing lipstick, and we should all be fine.

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