Olivia.jpgOh “Fringe.” You broke our hearts tonight! Anna Torv‘s face in the last moments … but we’ll get to that. In this, the final episode before the winter hiatus, we finally learned who the Observers are. We know who’s side Alternate Nina (Blair Brown) is on. And we know what Peter (Joshua Jackson) means to do. Sniff.

The episode begins with Nina and Olivia in captivity. Robert David Jones (Jared Harris) is using Nina to trigger Olivia’s abilities. Olivia tells Nina she can’t remember much, but asks for help. Nina tells her a story about when she came to stay with her. Olivia says it isn’t working and says that she needs Peter to make it work. Bad Nina! She’s working with Jones!

Back in the lab, after September (Michael Cerveris) is shot, Walter (John Noble) tries to save him. Peter has been trying to find out where Olivia is through assorted methods, but realizes that he has to go into September’s brain to find out. When he gets there, we finally get answers about who the Observers are.

As it turns out, they are us, far into one possible future. They’ve developed time travel and they get to watch their own beginnings. September’s observation of Walter’s discovery of the cure actually made him miss it and he’s been trying to fix it ever since. Peter and his other Olivia had a son named Henry that wasn’t supposed to be born. September tells Peter that his son is gone because of his sacrifice and that even that wasn’t enough. He has to find the right Olivia. Because, as he tells Peter, he is special. He tells him to go home to find her and that “they are coming.” Peter comes out of the link and September disappears.

When Peter gets home, he’s kidnapped and taken to Olivia. She activates, tells Nina she knows about the deception and shoots Jones in the neck. He lives! He’s been reassembled on an atomic level.

And now, the sadness. Peter tells this Olivia that he has to find his Olivia. She says she’s in love with him and she can’t turn it off now. He walks away, leaving her there, looking stunned. We know you’ve got a lot to say about this one. What did you think? How many tissues did you go through? Is baby Henry the wrong combination of DNA? Who is coming? How are you going to deal with a three week hiatus? Let us know! We’ll need the help too.

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