fringe season 3 finale 'Fringe' Season 3 finale: Why does no one remember Peter?The “Fringe” Season 3 finale took us 15 years into the future. The year is 2026 and Locke is dead and Jack says we have to go back … wait, no.

It’s 2026 and the alternate world is destroyed. Walternate is trapped in our world and is exploding wormholes all over the place to destroy the world that destroyed his world bit by bit, including shooting Olivia in the head.

So Walter has to change Peter’s consciousness of 2011 so he will make a different choice in the past and not destroy the alternate universe. It … kind of works. The two universes merge. So, hello Fauxlivia. And Peter’s son (we presume). But as Peter starts to explain how they need to work together, he blinks away. The Observers say he never existed and no one remembers him. Um … what?

Where do you think Peter went? And we’re getting him back, right? Right?!

(Mostly) Awesome Future Things

  • Ella is an agent!
  • Future Astrid is super hot.
  • Mad-Eye Broyles is a Senator.
  • Olivia has harnessed her telekinesis
  • The burial protocol is a flaming burial at sea, which is weird.
  • Peter calls Walter “dad” and  Walternate “father.” Has he done that before, called Walter his dad? I feel like he hasn’t. It made me sniffly.
  • Future Walternate with his white hair reminded me more than a little of Leland Palmer in “Twin Peaks.”

What did you think? Good season finale?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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