The season premiere of “Fringe” will include what looks to be a fairly freaky incident in a subway station. But that may not be the coolest thing in the first batch of photos from Season 3.

We’ll get to that in a minute, but here’s the shot in the subway, with Olivia (Anna Torv), Peter (Joshua Jackson), Walter (John Noble) and Broyles (Lance Reddick) on the scene with several dazed-looking people.

fringe subway 'Fringe' Season 3 pics: Going underground and 'over there'The guy staring up at the ceiling — creepy, no?

FOX doesn’t give us much to go on as to what’s happening; the photo captions all say “the team returns to face all-new impossibilities” in the premiere, which is called “The Box.” OK, so fine. What has us really jazzed, though, was visual evidence of the “Fringe” producers’ promise that the show will spend a lot of time “over there” in the alternate world. So much so that the network included shots of regular and alt-Olivia and Walter.

The network also posted two shots of Jackson as Peter, but since there’s only one Peter, we suppose they’re just showing off a couple different looks for him.

We’ve put them side by side for easy comparison. Take a look:

fringe anna torv 'Fringe' Season 3 pics: Going underground and 'over there'fringe joshua jackson 'Fringe' Season 3 pics: Going underground and 'over there'fringe john noble 'Fringe' Season 3 pics: Going underground and 'over there'What do you want to see in Season 3 of “Fringe”?

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Photo credits: FOX

Posted by:Rick Porter