The return of “Fringe” is a little over two months away, but FOX has started teasing the new season with a brief but effectively creepy promo spot.

The 10-second promo opens with Peter (Joshua Jackson) telling Olivia (Anna Torv), “There are things happening here that I can’t even begin to explain. And I am not going anywhere until I can.”

So, yeah — we know now that didn’t really work out, and the rest of the teaser is built on that. As Peter is speaking, the screen fizzles and fades to black, replaced by an upside-down and backwards 4 with the hashtag #WhereIsPeterBishop and a question mark.

Intercut with that are super-quick glimpses of a number of things. Repeated play-pause toggling showed gave us glimpses of Olivia and Peter kissing, a drawing of the wave sink machine, the machine itself, Walter (John Noble) and young Peter in the snow, among other things, along with one of the best/most unsettling images from the show’s season finale: A group of Observers gathered at the Statue of Liberty.

fringe wheres peter2 'Fringe' Season 4 teaser: Where is Peter Bishop?It’s a really good piece of promo material, don’t you think? “Fringe” premieres Friday, Sept. 23 on FOX, and we’ll be counting the days till then.

Posted by:Rick Porter