fringe entrada 'Fringe': Trailer for 'Entrada' has thrills and a secret message“The following preview has been approved for all audiences in both universes by the Fox Broadcasting Company.”

So reads the opening of “Fringe’s” movie-style trailer for Thursday’s (Dec. 2) episode, “Entrada,” and believe us when we say it is awesome and better than most actual movies’ trailers.

The two-minute teaser starts off (how else?) super creepy with Peter (Joshua Jackson) being woken up by a strange phone call. “I know this is going to sound crazy, but I just saw a woman disappear in front of my eyes. Her name was Olivia. She has a message for you. She’s trapped in the other universe.” Cue Peter rolling over to look at Fauxlivia (Anna Torv). We told you. Super creepy.

We also see the real Olivia (Anna Torv, part two!) stuck in the parallel world trying her best to explain the situation after “Walternate” (John Noble) found out she now knows who she is: “My universe is not at war with yours. This all began because a man came over here to save a boy and 25 years later, I came back to save that same boy. Both universes can’t survive. There must be another way.” In true J.J. Abrams fashion, the trailer ends with a reversed-recorded message, which — spoiler alert! — is a man saying, ‘”Only one way to find out.”

The highlight of the trailer? This intense exchange between Peter and Fauxlivia:

Fauxlivia: You gonna kill me?
Peter: No, I’m going to get answers. And if I find out that you did anything to Olivia, then I’m going to kill you.

“Entrada” airs Thursday, Dec. 2, at 9 pm ET on Fox. Here’s the trailer, courtesy of EW:

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