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Zap2it recently caught up with “Fringe” star Lance Reddick at the 38th Annual Saturn Awards. He talks with us about the last season of “Fringe,” his upcoming projects and thoughts on “The Wire.”

“Fringe” won the Saturn Award for Best Network Television Series, while Anna Torv won for Best Actress on Television.

As we reported, John Noble and Blair Brown‘s illnesses have delayed production on the show until Aug. 7. Reddick confirms the episodes will air on schedule, with the premiere scheduled for Sept. 28.

Reddick could not reveal whose side Broyles is on this season He tells us, “Ironically this season I actually know but I can’t tell you.”

Last season on “Fringe”, Agent Broyles aged 20 years in one episode. When asked about the difficulty of playing an aged Broyles with the heavy makeup required, Reddick laughed.  “I was in the chair for three hours. It was only one episode and I wasn’t in that many scenes. My memory was that it kind of made my face stiff, but it didn’t really affect how I played because the guy’s the same guy, just older,” he says.

Despite an outpouring of protests from fans, “Fringe” will finish its run this season. Agent Broyles is a fan favorite, and Reddick has no plans to stop building his growing fan base.  With four projects in various stages of production and a desire to star in another television show, Reddick will be seen post-“Fringe”.

“I’d love to do another series. I think I’d rather do a cable series and I’m definitely interested in doing more film. I’m starting to do more of my own producing,” he says. “I’ve attached to a couple of films right now that are planning on going into production in the fall. One is financed and one is not. I’ve got my web series called “Drone” that we just finished shooting and that I’m co-producing. It’s on Justin Lin‘s channel. And I’ve got a film coming out in September called “Won’t Back Down”.

“Won’t Back Down” is dramatic look at attempts to reform a failing inner-city school. The movie also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Holly Hunter, Ving Rhames and Oscar Isaac. The film will be released on Sept. 28, which coincides with the Season 5 premiere of “Fringe.”

Prior to “Fringe,” Reddick was perhaps best known for his role as Lt. Cedric Daniels on the acclaimed drama “The Wire,” which ended in 2008 but is still talked about for its impact on television.

“The legacy of “The Wire” is tricky. It changed television in that it set the bar to a whole new level — a level that I think has never been done before,” he says. “In some ways “Oz” revolutionized television but ‘The Wire’ raised the bar. So you know particularly after people in Hollywood really started talking about it in its fifth season, I would hear people over and over again trying to do stuff like ‘The Wire.’ I also think that something like ‘Downton Abbey,’ which is so complex and so rich in characters, in some ways its popularity is possible due to ‘The Wire.’ People realized that this can be done and that people want to watch.”

What do you think the impact of “The Wire” was on television? Will you miss “Fringe” and Agent Broyles? Did you like the finale of “Lost”? What do you want to happen in “Fringe” this season?

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