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From the “Where Are They Now” file, former “Full House” star Blake McIver Ewing has recently resurfaced. You might remember Blake as Derek, Michelle’s (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) friend from school with an amazing singing voice. These days Blake is a go-go dancer in Los Angeles.
Ewing, who also starred as the villainous Waldo in “Little Rascals,” tells RumorFix, “I’m not embarrassed.” He’s been doing the job for a year, since his vocal coaching business fell into a slump.
In addition to the money he makes, Blake says being a go-go boy has helped him after coming out of the closet three years ago, admitting, “I had so much shame about my body. This was a way to express myself that was safe, sensual and fun.” Additionally, Ewing says he finds it “so liberating and empowering.”
His first love is still singing and songwriting, though. Luckily, dancing in gay clubs has helped with that, as well. “The tips were so good,” he says. “In fact, I raised so much money I was able to finish my record — mission accomplished.” Now he’s counting down the days until the November 5 release of his debut album, “I Wish I Didn’t Need You.”
To pass the time he’s posting many Instagram photos in various states of undress, if you’re interested.
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