futurama return neutopia 'Futurama' considers a world of infinite Benders“Futurama” returns to Comedy Central after a seven-month layoff with a truly scary idea: a world in which there are an infinite number of Benders.

That’s the subject of the second of the show’s back-to-back episodes Thursday (June 23): In “Benderama,” the robot stumbles on a way to replicate himself, and in so doing threatens to consume every bit of matter on the planet. Plus, you know, thousands upon thousands of Benders are just way more annoying than a lone Bender.

First up, though, is an episode in which the Planet Express crew comes across an alien who can change their gender characteristics. Leela and Amy aren’t thrilled with the idea of suddenly being dudes, but Fry, Bender and Co. seem to have a blast with their newfound feminine characteristics.

“Futurama” airs at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central. A clip from each of tonight’s episodes is below.

Posted by:Rick Porter