john landgraf tca 2014 gi FXX will feature original dramas 'soon enough'FXX has existed for about 9 1/2 months, and it’s had some ups and downs in its short life. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The League” launched well on the new channel last fall, but “Totally Biased” fell flat, and there has been a dearth of original series on the channel recently.

Still, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf thinks FXX is headed in the right direction. Viewership has grown by 70 percent since the launch, he said Monday (July 21) at the summer TV press tour, and the launch of “The Simpsons” on the channel in August should help bring in more people.

“The reason we stepped up and bought ‘The Simpsons,’ which was such a huge investment, is we really needed something of real gravitational force on that channel besides originals and besides movies to help viewers find it and pull them there,” Landgraf says. “Next year it’s [original series] ‘Sunny,’ ‘Ali G,’ ‘The League.’ We picked up ‘Man Seeking Woman’ [starring Jay Baruchel]. The Tracy Morgan show would’ve been on FXX and will be on FXX when it’s done.”

As the lineup of original series grows, Landgraf also expects FXX to pick up original dramas as well, though there are no immediate plans for that.

“I’m confident in saying there’ll come a time in a year or two when I’m sitting here and you’ll see the shows on FX belong on FX, the shows on FXX belong on FXX,” he says. “And there will be dramas on both channels, I think, soon enough.”

Posted by:Rick Porter