kerri lisa gallery girls 325 'Gallery Girls': Seven young women hit New York's art scene for Bravo

The lure of being part of Manhattan’s art world is seductive, even for those who never pick up a paintbrush.
While artists sacrifice and are often unknown, there’s an even lesser known army behind them, toiling anonymously. Bravo’s latest series, “Gallery Girls,” premiering Monday, Aug. 13, chronicles seven such women, all drawn to the art scene.
The premiere gives viewers a strong indication of who they are. Some have the potential to someday be Real Housewives once they marry and age. They’re in their 20s, and some have boyfriends. Some are living cushy lives in apartments paid for by their parents.
Kerri Lisa, however, works for a luxury concierge service and finds herself drawn to art. In addition to her full-time job, she interned for free for four months at a firm specializing in fine contemporary prints. She wants to someday combine her experience in the hospitality industry and her love of art.

“I just loved boutique hotels and how they feature art in a new way,” Lisa tells Zap2it. “I studied entrepreneurship in school. It is hard for me to commit myself to one thing. It has just become a really great way to mix some passions.”
She and the other women became friends, Lisa says, and stayed in touch when the cameras were not rolling. They are an eclectic group.

Chantal Chadwick and Claudia Martinez Reardon open a clothing boutique/gallery on the Lower East Side. The series shows them getting the space ready, arguing with each other and dealing with the anxiety inherent in opening a business.
Angela Pham is a photographer who’s completely at ease in front of the camera. Liz Margulies is the daughter of an art collector and has no compunctions about using her father’s pull. Maggie Schaffer experiences laboring without appreciation, and Amy Poliakoff has interned in a variety of gallery jobs and seems to enjoy the life that goes with it.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler