game of thrones alfie allen instagram ron jeremy 'Game of Thrones' Alfie Allen wants you to follow him on Instagram

More “Game of Thrones” stars than you think have social media accounts. From Maisie Williams, Gwendoline Christie and Lena Headey‘s amazing Twitter accounts to Pedro Pascal, Finn Jones and Sophie Turner being all over Instagram, it’s more easy to keep up with the series’ actors than one might think.

Several months ago,
Alfie Allen switched his then-private Instagram account to public, but it seems to have slid under fans’ radars. During a recent interview promoting the release of the “Game of Thrones” Season 3 Blu-ray, DVD and digital download, he tasked Zap2it with getting him more followers.

“It’s because mine wasn’t public until literally about three or four months ago. So in those four months I’ve actually got 2,000 followers!” he brags with a laugh. “It was private for years; for like three years, I think, I had it on private. And then I just thought, ‘What’s the point?’ I might as well just — there’s nothing damaging on there, do you know what I mean? So I might as well just let people see what’s going on.”

Included on the account are gems like
this and this, as well as plenty of other funny excerpts from Allen’s life. “Yeah, if anyone wants to know, it’s Alfieea, so that’s my Instagram account. Get me some more followers. Thank you,” he says.

And hey, who knows, maybe if you do follow it you’ll get some exciting peeks at Allen hanging out with his best friends from the “Game of Thrones” cast. In fact,
Finn Jones, who plays Loras Tyrell, is currently staying with Allen in Los Angeles.

alfie allen instagram game of thrones 'Game of Thrones' Alfie Allen wants you to follow him on Instagram“Finn Jones, me and him hang out a lot. In fact he’s living with me at the moment in the flat I’m in, in the house I’m in in L.A.,” Allen says. Of Jones’ recent onslaught of hiking photos on his own Instagram account, Allen laughs, “Yeah, he has been hiking a lot. We take the mickey out of him for it. But yeah, he’s been hiking loads.”

Allen’s other close “Game of Thrones” buds include
Kit Harington, Richard Madden and Emilia Clarke — when, of course, they aren’t off filming their countless other projects.

“Kit I hang out with a lot, when he’s around, because he’s always busy. And then Emilia, although Emilia is also always busy,” Allen shares. “Yeah, mostly Finn and Kit and Richard as well. But Richard is always busy. So we just sort of get time in when we can really.”

Even though Allen hangs out with Harington and Madden so often, he wasn’t in the loop about Harington’s frequent attempts to
spoil “Game of Thrones” for Madden.

“Really? That’s so funny. I didn’t know that. That’s brilliant. Oh great, that’s good to know,” Allen says with laughter. “I’ll do that when I see Richard as well then. That’d be great. To feed him complete rubbish, yeah. That’s so funny.”

Allen also has a famous sister, singer
Lily Allen. Considering the fact The National, The Hold Steady, Sigur Ros and Coldplay have all contributed their talents to “Game of Thrones,” is it too much to hope that maybe Lily would record a song or participate in the show as well?

“If they paid her enough money, yeah!” Allen says with a laugh. “Then I think, then yeah, she would definitely do it. But I don’t think they would want that. But we’ll see what happens. … Hopefully. Just make it a family affair. Why not?”

“Game of Thrones” Season 4 premieres April 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. The Season 3 Blu-ray, DVD and digital download is available now.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz